Saturday, May 22, 2010

Song - Spanish Lullaby

(Sung by Marty Robbins)

This my friends is an old Spanish lullaby.
And it's been handed down from generation to generation.
And in it, a father is singing to his baby son.
And he's telling him, "Close you eyes little one and sleep.
And dream while the angels watch over you.
I will hold your hand.
And when you wake with the morning, I'll still be here."

Cierras ya tus ojitos.
Duermete sin temor.
SueƱa con angelitos
Parecidos a ti.
Y te agarrare tu mano.
Duermete sin temor.
Cuando tu despiertes,
Yo estare aqui.

Da, da... da, da... da... da, da... da...
Da, da... da, da... da, da...
Da, da... da, da... da... da, da... da...
Da, da... da, da... da, da...

Y te agarrare tu mano.
Dueremete sin temor.
Cuando tu despiertes,
Yo estare aqui.

* * *

“Spanish Lullaby” is collected in Marty Robbins’ LP album, “Tonight Carmen”, another Marty Robbins’ album that I own. From the song’s title, lyrics (I presume that part of lyrics is in Spanish) and musical instruments, this song is Spanish from head to toe,

This is a lullaby sang by a father to baby song. The song is filled with fatherly love and the music is so warm and delightful. I fell for this song right from the very first moment I listened to i

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Marty Robbins - More Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs

I bought my first Marty Robbins’ LP, “Best Loved Hits”, in October 2006. The songs in the LP did not excite me at all. I bought my second Marty Robbins’ LP , “Gun Fighter Ballads & Trail Songs” in December 2006. Two songs in that LP, “El Paso” and “A Hundred and Sixty Acres” thrilled me so much and got me started to search the Internet for more information on this singer.

I got my third Marty Robbins’ LP, “More Gun Fighter Ballads and Trail Songs in January 2007. Marty Robbins music is quite different from most of country and western singers. I personally classify Marty Robbins as “cowboy songs” as he sang many songs on the stories of good men, bandits and gunfights. And I am always cherished by these types of stories and songs. The note at the back of one of Marty Robbins’ album aptly describes my liking for cowboy songs. The note goes like this:

“The man of the west is one of the most cherished figures in Americana, a rugged symbol of the making of the country, of a hard life and of elemental existence. The lonely life of the cowboy and the gunfighter is reflected in their ballads, which are melancholy even when the tune itself is lively. There were lost families, lost sweethearts, lost friends, and around the men of the west those endless plains, magnifying the solitude. And there was work to be done, hard work herding cattle and sheep, building the railroads, and guarding them all from the bad men.”

This album was released in 1960.

Song List:

Side A - San Angelo, Prairie Fire, Streets Of Laredo, Song Of The Bandit, I've Got No Use For The Women

Side B - Five Brothers, Little Joe The Wrangler, Ride Cowboy Ride, This Peaceful Sod, She Was Young And She Was Pretty, My Love

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Marty Robbins - Gunfight Ballads and Trail Songs

I was always fascinated by cowboy shows on TV when I was a kid. Clint Eastwood's "Man with No Name" series etched very deeply in my mind. I must have watched the series 3 to 4 times. I guess that is the reason why I own so many country and western albums in my LP collection.

When I went hunting for LPs and saw a country and western LP album which I have not owned, I rarely let go the chance to own the LP. This album, Marty Robbins' "Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Song" was pickup by me in this manner too.

Marty Robbins (1925 - 1982) is not strictly a country and western singer. He released country and western, pop, rock-and-roll and even Hawaiian songs in his entire recoding career. I owned several C&W and pop albums of Marty Robbins. However, I still prefer his C&W music than others. There was a presence of Latin guitar (I guess so as I am a really a novice in musical instruments) in quite a number of his songs and that made his music quite unique.

This album contains Marty Robbins' signature song "El Paso". This song reached number 1 position in Billboard's country singles and pop singles charts.

This album was released in 1959.

Song List:

Side A - Big Iron, Cool Water, Billy the Kid, Hundred and Sixty Acres, They're Hanging Me Tonight, Strawberry Roan

Side B - El Paso, In the Valley, The Master's Call, Running Gun, Down in the Little Valley, Utah Carol